I have had the privilege to work with amazing clients.

Here’s what they had to say:


“The Wildfit Challenge has been an outstanding experience. Even though I feel and look amazing, my greatest victory is to have changed my relationship with food and the power I now have to make the right decisions and continue living Wildfit.
I've never even considered going for some health and fitness goals because I thought it was way to hard, but going through the Challenge and with the help of all the Wildfit Coaches it
was very easy and pleasurable, so now I’m excited to actually go after goals I once thought were out of reach for me. Thank you Eric, Ariel, Jorgen and the whole Wildfit team.”
- Alex Acra


“After years of trying every fad diet I had given up on dieting and was just trying to eat healthily. However, I was confused by all the conflicting information out there and not really sure what I should be eating. I was introduced to Wildfit by my daughter and I embarked on the 90 day challenge. I did not find it hard, instead it was exciting and liberating and I have felt completely supported every step along the way. I have changed the way I think about food, the way I shop for food and how I feed my family. My body shape has changed and, whereas in the past I would never sit on the beach in a swimming costume, this year I am happy to! I am so grateful to Wildfit for helping me to finally find the best way to eat and live.”
- Caroline

“I never thought I could one day be free from cravings and perfectly able to be in control of what I choose to eat. And yet, here I am, after only 3 months of the Wildfit challenge, I'm completely free from cravings and totally in control of what I eat. Chips, bread, fries and pastries were my favourites and I would eat them very frequently...while knowing they weren't good for me. (Don't we all know it!) Today, I don't even consider having these non-functional foods anymore. And that's the beauty of this program: it equips you with the mental skills/tools you need in order to be free from the prison of cravings and food marketing. That's why we can't compare Wildfit with any other food-centred programme out there. Signing up for Wildfit is an investment. In your health; in your fitness; in your future.”
- Flavia Cucos