LifeWhys is all about personal development and growth through understanding what your 'WHY' is
that keeps you going.

We've developed a program that incorporates the three pillars of longevity: Meditation for focus and stress release, Nutrition for healthy mind and body and Fitness for strength and flexibility. We will be sharing information about meditation techniques, WildFit for a healthy lifestyle and CorePump for fitness. We offer online classes in beginning meditation using the Primordial Sound Technique as established by the Chopra Center and we coach the WildFit 90 day challenge program that has transformed not only our lives, but many others.

After spending over 30 years in various corporate roles, running her own health and beauty spa in England, independent consulting in both the telecommunications and healthcare industries, Catherine has developed a unique approach to coaching, mentoring and leading teams. Taking a holistic approach and applying the three pillars of perfection: mindfulness, nutrition and fitness she walks you through a process to discover your WHY in life. Catherine is passionate about helping others discover, acknowledge and internalize their why, leading them to take action with accountability and purpose. This results in higher productivity, more focused intent, and ultimately a redesign of your life and how and WHY you do what you do.

About me


I was born in Washington State, USA and have spent over 30 years in a combination of stressful corporate roles and raising my family. I owned a health and beauty spa in the UK and had an independent consulting company that provided services in both the telecommunications and healthcare industries. I now live in Arizona, USA with my husband, our three English Bulldogs and our assortment of fish: Frankie, Flash, Ferdinand, The Red Angels, Mario & Luigi, Blue Angels and Dyson. I am an author in the Ignite Your Life book series and currently writing a book about the 6 Elements of living an ordinary life extraordinarily.

While I may have finally found my zen life,
I have seen and experienced the many problems and stress driven illnesses that develop in daily life. Out of these experiences and all the wisdom that I’ve acquired over the years, I’ve developed a unique approach to coaching and mentoring teams for positive driven interaction. While owner of a health and beauty spa, I developed and introduced holistic approaches to health and beauty treatments with a team of specialized therapists. In my corporate roles, I take a holistic approach to leading teams and developing techniques that enable people to balance the stresses of work and the pressures of family.

It was while working in healthcare programs, that I was forced to face the realities of what I was doing to myself. I knew that I either needed to transform my own life and fully combine these techniques or continue down a path of self-destruction. I chose to face my demons and transform myself for a happier, healthier future. You can read my WildFit story below for an understanding of my life challenges and how I overcame them. I hope I can help to bring a focus and transformation into your life by helping you to find your WHY!