Exciting news! I am so thrilled to be a part of this month’s Woman’s World Magazine featuring my story on coping with weight-loss and the real struggles of having thyroid issues. Check it out in stores now!

Letting go of your child when they’re suffering is never easy, but sometimes it’s the right thing to do for them and for you.
— Catherine Malli-Dawson



Catherine is a successful business executive with over 30 years experience across multiple industries. She is an author and she believes that providing individuals pathways to identifying their WHY will lead to their greater success. Through her practical approach, she will lead you through a journey of discovery that will lead to improved productivity, increased efficiency and a happier, healthier, fully engaged life.

IGNITE YOUR parenting

Ignite Your Life For parents is a compilation of incredibly powerful stories of parents from across the globe and I am so thrilled to be a part of it. The stories demonstrate how we can take ownership of their lives and use our parenting experiences to step into true freedom, authentic love, and meaningful connection.


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Primordial Sound Meditation, or PSM, is a healing practice that allows us to experience inner calm and deep relaxation. For thousands of years, people have used meditation to move beyond the mind's busy activity and emotional turbulence into profound peace and expanded awareness. We lead mediation training classes via online conference group sessions.



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